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IJLSAS , International Journal of Life Sciences and  Applied Science (Online) welcome manuscripts ( the articles/ original research papers, case report,  reviews, invited review, mini-reviews, short communications)  from the academicians, faculty members, research scholars, industry persons in the field of life sciences and applied sciences which includes botany, zoology, agricultural sciences, veterinary sciences, animal sciences, biotechnology etc.

Papers must be original in nature which may be submitted by the first author/ co-authors.

No parts of the paper /the article has not been published or sent for publication anywhere.

All manuscripts will undergo peer review which will be rapid and purposeful.

Before publication authors must get approval regarding publication in the IJLSAS from their institution or industry.

Manuscripts along with all the related documents /information should be submitted online by uploading at the menu/tab “Submit article”. If anyone  find complexity in submission of manuscripts, he/she may contact to e-mail: editorijlsas@gmail.com or may send on this e-mail as an attached file.

The manuscript must be written in "MS Word", "Times New Roman" with the font size of 12pt in English language. The research papers must have these sections such as Title, Author Names, Institution  Address (where work is done), Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion ( not as sub title), Acknowledgement (if any) and References.

Manuscript/Article Types

1)Original Research Articles:
The manuscripts should be original in nature, research work or case studies and its finding must be given in detail.

Case Studies: Novel /exclusive  cases can be published.  Up to 2 - 4 Pages.

2) Short Communication
It must be within 2 to 4 pages in length.

3) Reviews
It includes current topics, contemporary issues  with wide coverage. It should be 5 to 7 pages.


Title of the manuscripts / research papers should be in bold case (font size 14). The title should be short and precise

The authors names should be in normal face (font size 12). The authors names should be as first name, middle name( if any) followed by surnames.

The corresponding author should be denoted by an asterisk mark.

In the bottom of the title page at the left corner, “*Address For correspondence” must be there with e-mail.  The corresponding author must ensure that all the co-authors must have aware of the contents of the submitted manuscript and all authors have approved it .


Abstract must be typed in single-space .So it should be differentiated from the Introduction. Abstracts should briefly highlight introduction, materials and methods, major and important results and conclusion in one paragraph. It should be in between 100-200 words.


Key words should be four to six words after abstract.


It should start as the next paragraph after the abstract,. The Introduction should highlight about the importance/essence of the study. The purpose and significance of the investigation should be highlighted along with the background of the research.

Materials and Methods   

This section should include all-important materials and instruments used to produce the results. This section should include Experimental design and the different techniques used. The important methods used shall be described in short with references. Insignificant details may be avoided. All modifications of techniques, procedure should be explained properly. New techniques/methods or substantially modified techniques/methods may be mentioned in sufficient detail. The statistical analysis method used shall be clearly mentioned.

Results and Discussions

The results with its discussion should be brief and compact.  It should be clear and precise. The results should be properly represented by tables and figures. The results must be explained along with discussions. The photographs should be clear and sharp.

There should not be another title such as “Conclusions” at the end of Discussion.

Acknowledgement (if any): It should be before the reference after the section results and discussion.

References: References should be in alphabetical order.

Articles under preparation or articles submitted for publication, unpublished observations etc. should not be used in the reference list.  The names of Journals should be  abbreviated according to Chemical Abstracts.  Authors the should maintain the accuracy of the references and they are fully responsible for it.

The reference should follow the following format.

Standard journal article (If more than two authors, the first six shall be listed followed by et al.)

For Journals the  format should be as: Author(s) of article (surname first then initials).  Year of publication. Title of the  manuscript, Journal title abbreviated; volume number (issue number): page numbers.

Kumar A.B., Sharma B.C., Patil B. B., Patel C.C. and  Yadav  P.K.  2019.Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on performance traits of Goats . Int. J. Life. Sci. App. Res.,1(1): 50-56

In case if  an author has cited two or more works published during the same year, then it should be  should be distinguished by a lower case letter like a and b after the date.

For Format fr books and other monograph: Author AC, Author CB, Author AC. Title of Book. Edition, Volume, Publisher, City, year, page numbers.

Kumar AB. Indian Agriculture. Edn 1, Vol. I, XYZ Prakashan, N.Delhi, 2019, 123-157.

For Patent Reference: Patil, A. K., Singh, S. and

Singh, S., A Formulation for pain relief in lab animals, Indian Patent House, No. 1111/DEL/2008 dated 2/04/082

For Website Reference: http:/www.india.com. 21 May, 2010.

Disclaimer: Articles published on International Journal of Life Sciences and Applied Sciences (IJLSAS) (http://www.ijlsas.com/,ISSN Online 2582-5178) have been authenticated by the Authors, peer-reviewed and commented by editors before publishing online. Authors of papers /articles etc are completely responsible for contents/matters and other related matters. For any inaccurate and misleading data if present ( in papers /articles etc) ; IJLSAS, its editors and the editorial board are not responsible for that.In case of any queries or infringement occurs, it is subject to Patna (Bihar, India) jurisdiction.

The processing charge of each paper/article is Rs 2500/-(INR) for Indian Nationals/poor/developing countries .

Other countries

60 US dollar/Rs 5500 (Indian Currency).

Note:Make payment only after processing of paper/article but before final publication.

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