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Editorial & Peer Review Process

Editorial and Peer Review Processes:

  • Submission of manuscripts, via an online submission page/system.
  •  Editorial board members look into the paper’s composition and arrangement as per  the IJLSAS journal’s Author Guidelines.
  • The paper's structure, format, plagiarism and scientific quality/standard are assessed. 
  • Article may be
  • a. rejected at editor point , if do not follow the  major instructions of the author guideline or paper is of very low quality/standard or not properly formatted
  • b. sent back to the  author for revision, if there is scope for the same
  • c.  sent to at least one subject reviewer for peer review. 
  • Invitation to Reviewers, are sent to individuals who are having experience in the specific subject.
  • Authors could not see reviewers’ personal  information/identity.
  • After peer review process, articles may either be rejected if reviewer do not find the paper/article up to the different standard/criteria of the journal, or it may be sent back for revision requested by reviewers or accepted for further processing leading to final publication. 
  • Revised articles by authors may be accepted, if it is corrected as per reviewer remarks. It may be resent to authors for additional corrections/revision or may get rejected,if author do not follow the instructions. 
  •  Editor may make authors’ information available to reviewers or not. 
  • Accepted articles are forwarded to publishing process, which include copy editing, composing, grammatical editing and/or proof reading steps.
  • Finally go for publication.